Friday, February 23, 2007

Earn Adsense Income By Sharing Other People's Videos.

I recently found online a site that takes video sharing to a new level.
TheVideoSense has modified video sharing by integrating Google Adsense ads within the pages of your videos.

As visitors view the video, they see Adsense ads related to the video you are watching.

Unlike the current major players in the same area, TheVideoSense shares the revenue generated with people like you and me as we share our videos.
Best of all, there is no cost to join and no ongoing expenses!

Here’s how TheVideoSense works. After signing up (free, remember?), we visit Google Video and YouTube to find any videos that interest us.
Both sites provide a URL code for the video that one simply copies and pastes into their account. It couldn’t be simpler my friends.

I found 14 popular videos on Google and YouTube, copied the embedded code they provide freely, and then pasted it onto my video page...all in about one hour. What makes TheVideoSense unique is that they hardcode Adsense ads by hand on the webpage created with my Google affiliate ID.

The videos I add are made available to all visitors to the TheVideoSense website each in its own category.

As visitors to TheVideoSense view the videos I “shared” (and remember I got them absolutely free), they see MY Adsense ads.
Hopefully visitors email the page they are viewing to their friends, exposure then grows exponentially!

The big boys no longer tend to dominate the video sharing market.

Thanks to companies like TheVideoSense, we can now all have a share in this explosive craze.

Just follow this link and register for your new account

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Earn Money With Videosense.

Hello friend and welcome to money-videos.blogspot your source of information for unlimited earnings from adsense, using videos created by others and those put together by ones self.

Do you know that you can earn money by simply sharing other people’s videos from google video and and uploading them to
(a new site with the latest trend of earning money).

So what are you waiting for, go looking and start as the more time lost is more revenue you will be missing out on.

Find, watch, share and upload the videos you find and earn money through google adsense, which happens when a video viewer clicks on the ads running in the sidebars of your video page. Your earnings are unlimited by this system ... But hey it doesn't come without alittle hard work.

Just follow simple guidelines and register for your new account

You will learn everything there is to know, after reading the guidelines which are laid out in 10 easy steps and for your comfort, there is also a community forum running 24/7.

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